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The failure of Google Buzz

Google Buzz was first released in early 2010, however it did not receive much attention as Google+ did. Google Buzz aims to integrate Gmail and microblogging together for users to share photos, videos, links and status messages. The time it enters the social networking market was the time twitter and Facebook are dominating the world, there is no space for Google to have a new social network which does the same thing, and with epic privacy issues when it released. The number of people who are using this is really minimal.

I’ve never used and barely heard any information about this social network. Google Buzz now has launched its own mobile phone application and now the first priority they mentioned is “Share publicly or privately.” Its iPhone application also seemed to address the privacy issue problem.

Since Google Buzz has integrated with Gmail, and despite the fact that it can share multimedia files (pretty much all social networks do now…) It is really hard for Google Buzz to win over users’ preference over a could of social networks.

The new functionality it now adds is to allow users to tag their location, which can be viewed on Google Maps. Buzz now also provide create a buzz community on Google map and allow users to send voice messages to fellow users as well.

All these features Google Buzz now seems better and has integrated with the latest social network technology, but there is one aspect I want to address about social networking applications is their brand name. Compare with Google+, Facebook or Twitter, the word “buzz” in Google Buzz is really annoying and irritates me when I heard the name, let alone use it everyday. As a potential user, I am not attracted by the sound of this social networking brand at all.

For social works, apart from functionalities, UI design and user-experience, the marketing side is also vital when establish a brand from a scratch. So if developers want their app to attract users, they’d better give them a good name.

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Tencent QQ: generation after generation – integrate all social networking features you can think of:)

Tencent QQ, generally refferred to as QQ is probably the most popular free instant messaging program in China. Just in this year, the active users reached for total 812.3million, which made it the world’s largest online community. QQ now is not only a simple messaging IM but have probably as I seen the most powerful system out there, it integrated all the social networking or sharing features a system could have, perhaps made it too powerful, which you won’t even use all of it.

QQ was founded in 1998, but I did not actually used one until late 2007. But as soon as I start using it, I found that the connection circles you could have with other users are infinitely expanding. This is web interface of QQ, which provide video chat, mails, space(Qzone),online share music, online game with other users, group discussion, news and many many more! Now it operates on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. The international official site provide more detailed information. QQ made me feel like they have everything except their own version of operating system.

The most recent QQ2011 for iPhone definitely raise discussion online. Their system now provide with video chatting and audio messaging features which similar to TalkBox.

Some think that QQ’s concept lacks originality since they always tend to use what already been released in the market. But I don’t see this as a major problem because the final decision making really is decided by users. If they are good at “stealing” ideas and then put it on their program, plus the important thing is they have achieved a relatively good job in connecting people effectively and efficiently, then it is a successful social networking program. Since QQ is originally designed for Windows System, there are still a lot more features which Mac system cannot have, which is quite annoying sometimes, their system can be a bit buggy, but if you are used to it, it’s perfectly fine to use it.

Here is a list of Tencent QQ software product, they are all free.

  1. QQ number
  2. Qzone(like MSN live Space)
  3. QQ Mail
  4. QQ Group
  5. QQ Music
  6. QQ Game
  7. QQ downloader
  8. QQ Chinese input tool
  9. Search engine
  10. QQ battlefield, a platform for online Internet gamers
  11. QQ Doctors, detect virus, etc.
  12. Tencent web browser
  13. QQ image processing software
  14. QQ dictionary
  15. QQ Live- free online internet television
  16. QQ media player
  17. QQ 3D MMORG game
  18. QQ management software
  19. QQ pet – a online community game
  20. QQ Mobile
  21. QQ game center
  22. QQ Microblogging
  23. QQ for Mac, Linux, windows, Android, iphone, and web
  24.  QQ membership service – may not be free if you want a higher level

Sorry for the long list, just wanna show how power they are 😀

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