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Google+: after the instant fame!?

It has been almost two months since Google first launched the trial for Google+, do people still in the rush of experiencing the latest social network? After reading through several articles about the battle between Facebook and Google +, most statistics and arguments are in favor of Google+ is not that unique and perceived an average feedback after user-testing.

(Image source here)

Based on the visual analysis provided above, which is conducted by the EyeTrackShop¬†using eye tracking webcam technology. It has revealed the visual pattern of how online users perceived both Google+ and Facebook when they use the sites. The heat map appeared on the left-hand side image indicated the attention span of a user spends on a specific area on a site. Google+ after all, is still a social network site, it follows the¬†identical design style/concept and user experience pattern with similar social networks. As far as I’ve concerned on this issue, the chance for Google+ to win over online users’ votes is really minimal. From Google’s history with social network sites and the popularity of Facebook, online users would most likely to keep using what they already used to, unless the new born Google+ is something really special out there. As the two visual graphs provided, it seems like Google+ does not have a bright future as we hoped when it first came out. David Lux mentioned in his article ” Perhaps Google’s design strategy was based on the old proverb – if you can’t beat them, join them”. I view David’s opinion as a criticism of lacking creative design concept in social networks’ trend.

The competition between Facebook and Google+ is a battlefield and one of them has to eventually step back because the functionality they provided as social network sites for online users are identical. It would be redundant for individuals to switch back and forth between those two networks. Before deciding which one should win the battle, the following video gives a pretty good insight of visual statistics comparison between Google+ and Facebook.

Facebook vs Google+ – “What’s Trending” CBS News from Jason King on Vimeo.

Are you ready to vote now?

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