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Screach for more !

With all the social network apps I came across, Screach is possibly the only one which made me exited and look forward to use. Screach is a social networking app of Screenreach, it is an interactive digital media platform which allow users to share live events, TV shows and other digital media. What it basically does, for instance if you are at a soccer game, this app will update info and players’ status for you to know before and during the game. Users can also vote for the best performance player and winning percentage for each team. You can also take a photo while you watching the game either it is in front of television or alive. These photos are then uploaded to the system and then share with other Screach users.

According to its official blog, “It’s perfect for big conferences as it is a really powerful tool for assisting with networking.” What’s even cooler with this, it would be really great to use this app for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, it will be a great way to communicate with other soccer fans around the world, to vote for their favourite player in real time and share valuable moments. The closer for fans to interact with players, the better players would perform because of the personalized encouragement. With features Screach provided is going to offer valuable information and statistics from both professionals and spectators in important sports events.

The following video from NSCAA’s digital manager to walk you through how to use Screach and its main features.

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