Tumblr – A better way to blog

I’ve had a Tumblr account for almost a year, but never really got to use it, and recently dug it out and noticed how Tumblr has changed in its interface and definitely enhanced social connectivity for online bloggers.

WordPress is more like a place for blog gurus where you have your own topic focused blog, whereas Tumblr seems to be a blogging platform for people who are new to blogging and the slick design is definitely something that drawn me into this. With all the social software I’ve come across by researching, Tumblr’s homepage design is my favorite. The simple layout and big buttons have improved its appearance and user-experience. Another important factor is that Tumblr offers more functions, users can customize their blog appearance, choose their own theme, post just about anything you could think of… meet up with people around you who are also using Tumblr (Meetups). Tumblr just provides a better user experience for bloggers.

With Tumblr’s explore function, both first-time users and old users are able to exploring the in Tumblr’s blogging space, to find out the top rated bloggers and popular topics. It also has integrated Google analytics and of course provide a number of third party apps for iPhone/iPad/iTouch, websites, mobile phones and desktops. The Goodies function further provides Tumblr bookmark, audio blog and their own t-shirts.

With Tumblr’s success in blogging, their design concept (layout and user-centered design) and high standard of picture resolutions made Tumblr a cosy place to hang out for bloggers. However, they seems to altered the location of certain links, which I found a bit hard to locate, for instance, with the function of Meetups and Goodies, users can only find it on the footer of the site instead on the top of the page…

It’s one of the apps that definitely worth to try and then fall in love with it:)


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