Me getting intimate with Google+

Given the fact that Google has improved on its interface design instead of its old data driven design pattern, Google’s new interface has enhanced users’ experience. Douglas Bowman leaves Google revealed the old Google lacked people who is good at design but had plenty of designers in Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) and Computer Science (CS) who design by data. Despite the old history with Google’s poor design, Google now undergone a serial of design revolution and the new Google + has definitely broadened Google’s marketing areas into social network sites (identity service).

As the last blog of my Google+ experience with the course COMU2002 (Talk and Interaction), I am going to give my own detailed analysis and experience about using Google+. As a multimedia design student, I have come across various website design and received both professional and public critics on my journey to computer based design works. My years spend with Google is approximately 7 years and have also used a number of products from Google, however, Google + is the first social network platform I have with Google.


In response to Rocky Agrawal ’s and lifebyexperimentation’s experience with Google+, first of all, Google+ just look like Facebook apart from the “popular” Circle feature. When I first join Google+, it does show me a bunch of people who I could add based on my Gmail address book, but there should be a section where they show you existing Google+ users.

Second of all, after exploring some main features, I did end up have some friends but they are not my frequent contacts since I am not using Gmail as my personal contact email address. I believe most of Google+ users end up the same situation with me — friendless. If having a social network platform without people you want to contact with, what is the point of using it or is this really just an identity service… Furthermore, as Kristin mentioned in her blog that “if you have a circle of your working colleagues or a circle of politics, it is highly unlikely that they are going to post things relating to work and politics.” If Google is such an excellent information management service, they should have making the content more organized and useful to users.

Lastly but probably the most important reason that I will not ending up using Google + is by analyzing my frequency of using different social network websites or apps on a weekly basis.

Given the fact that I have spent most of my social network time accessing other forms of social networks, there is simply no need for me to include an extra platform to separate from what I already have. If Google + decides going to act its own way in the world of social networks – meaning not integrating with other social networks, it is eventually going to lose its sparks.


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